About Us

How it all started...

Welcome to Overflow Clothing, established in 2020 during the worldwide lockdown caused by the notorious Coronavirus. Like many independent clothing brands, Overflow Clothing started as a small side project and grew into something greater over time, through a combination of passion, motivation and some amazing customers! For us, Overflow started purely as an outlet to get back into drawing and create something unique. After some designs were created, we decided to digitise them and get them screen printed onto T-shirts. Some friends told us that they would pay good money for unique tees such as these, and thus the idea was born.

what's with the name overflow?

This may be an anticlimax but Overflow means...not much really. When we started this journey, it was never intended to grow into anything more than a side project, with no real intention of it becoming a business. As such, the name was chosen because we thought it sounded cool and would roll off the tongue. In fact, when it came to choosing a name for the brand, we didn’t want to spend too much time overthinking it so we wrote down around fifty words that would be obscure yet suitable for a casual, streetwear style clothing brand.

The brains behind the operation

Overflow Clothing is run by Ed and Phoebe outside of their normal 9-5 jobs and remains a passion-project for now. Ed is the designer and marketeer, with Phoebe being the social media and business planning expert! Together they wear many hats; managing designing, web development, social media, product sourcing, order fulfilment, photography and paid social. Running Overflow Clothing on top of their full-time jobs definitely keeps them busy, and you can regularly find them running to the Post Office on their lunch break to get orders sent out on time!


We love creating unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else and all of our designs are limited editions, meaning that once they’re gone, they are gone forever! Everything we create is hand drawn by us, digitised by us and then sent to a London printer to screen print our designs, giving them the highest quality finish possible. Conservation of the environment is important to us and we make an extended effort to use 100% organic cotton in our T-shirts and have ambitions to be 100% carbon neutral in the future. We hope you love our brand as much as we do and promise to provide you with the best product and service possible!

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