The Brainstew Collaboration is Here!

Overflow Clothing has it’s first collaboration and it comes in the form of a kick-ass podcast! Chris and Jamiee are the brains (pun intended) behind Brainstew Podcast, churning out fun conversations around pop-punk among other things. Here’s a few words from the lads themselves:

BrainStew was initially an idea born out of a love for music and topical discussions over a few drinks. We played in bands together for years so it was the next natural progression. BrainStew is our way of bringing friends together to catch up and to chat complete nonsense at the same time - ‘cos life can be too serious.

We've always had a love of pop-punk, emo and alt-rock. Between us, we have musical influences from Taking Back Sunday and the Used to Blink 182 and the Clash. Finch, My Chemical Romance, Descendents, New Found Glory... too many to mention 🤟

With BrainStew we plan to be the podcast you never knew you needed. A way to switch off from a stressful day or tune in on the daily commute - We aim to provide a raised eyebrow, an hour of asking pointless questions and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

Jamiee & Chris

Jamiee and Chris will be pumping out some quality content for all you pop-punk fans and repping the Overflow Clothing gear. There will hopefully be some great collaboration material coming from us so stay tuned and check out the Brainstew Podcast on the below links!

Spotify,  Acast and their website

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