Chelmsford Brew Co Market Pop-up

Last weekend we took part in our first ever pop-up market! This was hosted by the Chelmsford Brew Co, an awesome local brewery to us, who create delicious beer and offered us the opportunity to be part of their first ever pop-up event.

We saw this as a great opportunity for people to see our products in the flesh and to really get people's honest opinions on our designs and vision. We came away from the day feeling not only shattered but buzzing from the positive interactions we had experienced throughout the day, with an awesome group of brewery-goers.

If you're also thinking about taking the leap as a small business and doing your first market stall, we found this a really useful day for networking with other local brands who hosted a stall there. It was great to swap stories on successes or hurdles met and how we each overcame the issue. Plus an opportunity to just make a new bunch of business pals that were just as passionate for their brand as we are for ours.



We were genuinely blown away by some of the amazing conversations we had with everyone at the Chelmsford Brew Co and thought what better way to maintain that motivation and inspiration post-market than to share some of those highlights with you now. One customer told us he loved buying unique T-shirt designs and actually had a collection of uniquely-designed T-shirts he has collected from various countries, thus an Overflow Clothing purchase was necessary. Another customer loved the aspect of Overflow being completely hand drawn and designed by us, calling us "very talented" *blush*.

The feedback we received was extremely uplifting and definitely taught us that the more unique, custom pieces such as the Stay Chilled Ice Cream Tee, Smiley Skater Tee and Bad Milk Long Sleeve Tee were headlining our unique selling point, so we'll do our best to bring more of that X-factor to you all in the future.

We're glad that we decided to dip our toes into the pop-up scene and will be looking for more market events to attend in the future, so hit us up if you have any recommendations or are hosting an event yourself. We'd love to be there! Here's the instagram handles of the other amazing brands that attended the market alongside us on the 2nd July:

@favorandgracescents, @metallustjewellery, @xo.dough, @silverskycrystals, @littleblackcatjewellery, @retrofromscratch, @driinkcoffeeclub, @raventherapies, @nocommentrequired 


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